Ellen Whyte

“Every time I hear Ellen Whyte, I’m amazed that she isn’t a much bigger commercial success. She’s a great vocalist, and she chooses good material and she works really hard to connect with her audience. I hope that her hard work is rewarded because she’s paid her dues.”

--Dick Waterman, Blues Historian and former manager to Bonnie Raitt for 19 years

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December 17th // CANCELLED

With Jean-Pierre Garau and Gene Houck
The Barberry
645 NE 3rd St
McMinnville OR
Showtime: 3-5:30pm

December 21st

With Garry Meziere, Jean-Pierre Garau, Bill Foss and Ed Pierce
Trail's End
1320 Main Street
Oregon City OR
Showtime: 7-10pm

December 23rd

With Jean-Pierre Garau
503 Uncorked
22578 SW Washington St
Sherwood OR
Showtime: 7pm

December 29th

With Garry Meziere, Gene Houck, Jean-Pierre Garau and Ed Pierce
The Half Penny
3743 SE Commercial St SE
Salem OR
Showtime: 8:30-11:30pm


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